Sales Team Career

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Brilliance CRM Is Nothing Without You!

We have a limited number of sales positions left to fill. We are looking for those that are familiar with sales, self-motivated, and willing to put forth the necessary effort for your and the company's success. This is not an easy job, but the rewards will be vast.

Doing the minimum will garner you the following:

  • Year 1: $46,098.00 + $4,609.80 bonus = $50,707.80
  • Year 2: $119,854.80 + $11,985,48 bonus = $131,840.28
  • Year 3: $193,611.60 + $19,361.16 bonus = $212,972.76
  • Year 4+, the increase continues.

You are expected to find and get your leads, close the sale, and nurture the relationship. You will store your leads in our CRM, where we will continue doing a drip-marketing campaign for them. We have paid ads running, but do not count on them for your leads. You need to rely on yourself, your skills, and self-motivation.

You will be selling our Brilliance CRM, https://brillianceCRM.com/. It is recommended that you are familiar with what a CRM and marketing is. We will show you the system, and if you don't know, we will teach you the high level of what one is.

You will be part of the onboarding process with the new customer for a smooth onboarding process for the customer you just signed up.

You can sell the product for a lesser price, but that will equally affect your pay. Our software is robust and priced fairly, so this should not be required.

There will be travel required as sitting and making phone calls, sending emails, or chatting online will likely not work. We won't say it won't, but the reality is you need to get off your butt and be motivated.

If you have what it takes, contact us to see if we can work together.

If interested send your resume to john@brilliancecrm.com.