Pricing Information


The goal of Brilliance CRM is not to automate everything but to give you a solution that eliminates the human factor. We want the human factor. AI is truly a fantastic technology, and we feel it should be used to assist, not replace, our jobs.


Our pricing is "price locked" up to 3 years from the date you sign based on the plan you choose. We do this because we want to know that we're not going to be charged new prices each month like some providers.

We have four options to choose from in relation to Brilliance CRM. We also have data conversion available. Data conversion is quoted separately and you should contact our sales team at sales@BrillianceCRM.com to get an accurate price..

Note: Paying annually will garner you a 10% savings on the monthly core CRM cost.
Note: There are options available that you can receive Brilliance CRM for no cost. Ask us how!
Note: If you need migration assistance, please contact us. We can help migrate and move everything for you.

Small Business Base

$97 / month

$197 one-time setup

The Small Business Essentials Customer Relationship Management for tracking your customers and sending out emails, SMS (text), and MMS (text with pictures) to your customers. Online signup and unsubscribe form that can be embedded into your website. This is a $45/month savings over the "Pick and Choose" pricing getting you started with everything you need for a base system for you and your customers.

Includes: 2 year price lock. 500 SMS/MMS, 2,000 email validations, and 4,000 emails sent. If you go over your allotted monthly limits, the following charges apply: Texting (SMS & MMS): $0.02640/each, Email Validations: $0.0075/each, Email (Pay As You Go): $0.00068/each

Setup Includes:

  • Setup your account
  • Configure your site security
  • Setup your initial settings
  • Setup your daily backup strategy
  • Instructions for Knowledgebase Articles and System Use Videos

2 GB Storage


Unlimited Users


Accounts & Leads






Document Management


Portal Dashboard



Pick & Choose

$97 for Base + Modules / month

$197 one-time setup

On the "Pick & Choose" options you get to pick and choose everything your business needs today, nothing it doesn't, with the ability to add/remove based on your changing business needs.

Includes: 3-year price lock. 2,000 SMS/MMS, 2,000 email validations, and 10,000 emails sent. If you go over your allotted monthly limits, the following charges apply: Texting (SMS & MMS): $0.02640/each, Email Validations: $0.0075/each, Email (Pay As You Go): $0.00068/each.

Hard drive storage increases based on the modules you choose. We based the usage on over 100 small, medium, and large companies that have been using Brilliance CRM since 2013. If you go over the pricing is $8.00 per 100 gigabytes of storage beyond what is allocated. For most organizations, this amount will be more than enough for seven years of data.

Setup Includes:

  • Setup your account
  • Configure your modules
  • Configure your site security
  • Setup your initial settings
  • Setup your daily backup strategy
  • Instructions for Knowledgebase Articles and System Use Videos
  • 1 hour of live training in your first month

Base Components

Everything starts with what we call the "Base Components." This is where you get the ability to have an unlimited number of users, all of the security aspects, and HIPPA compliance.

Each module is priced differently based on the amount of development we've put into it and the commonality of the module. The base price is $65 with the majority of modules costing less. Highly specialized modules do cost more. The lowest price for a module is $25. Discounts are available for purchasing more than 8 modules.

The core components consist of:

  • Users - Unlimited Users (Your employees, customers, and vendors)
  • Automations (Email / Text alerts)
  • Documents
  • Import / Export
  • Settings



Asset Management





(Coming Soon)


Course Tracking


Drug Testing




Forms & Surveys


Home Inspection

(Coming Soon)


Human Resources

(Coming Soon)


Invoices & Quotes


Knowledge Base Articles


Local Citations


Merchant Services






Projects / Job Tracking


Reputation Management



(Coming Soon)


Service Based Businesses

(Coming Soon)


Site Monitors


Task / Activity Tracking


Time Clock


URL Shortener



What does "Unlimited" Email Mean?


Your Own Mail Server

Everything is controlled and defined by you. We send the emails to your server to be sent out at the pace your mail server is capable of accepting.


Our Mail Server

You can use one of our mail servers and we'll send the  information out as quickly as we can to your customers.

You can get a dedicated IP Address and send unlimited email addresses for $67.50 per dedicated IP Address. If you want this, it is recommended you send more than 41,411 messages per month for break-even. This does require the business version and is not available on any other version.

What is truly "unlimited" when it comes to sending messages? We might think we send a billion emails they will all arrive witin seconds. That's not the case with technology. We put no limitations on what is sent. Email, like everything, isn't instant. You have to be somewhat realistic, have a valid email list (hopefully you didn't buy a spam list, and everyone has opted in).

What we've done during our testing is we sent an average of 3,600 messages per hour. That's:

  • 1 message per second.
  • 3,600 per hour.
  • 86,400 per day.
  • 750,857 per week.
  • 2,628,000 (million) per month.
  • 31,536,000 per year.

We know we could send more during our testing, but we also know we didn't want to be flagged as a spammer.

When you get your dedicated IP address it will need to be warmed up. We will help you do that along with setting up your DNS properly so that you stand the best chance of arriving in your customers inbox.

Digital Marketing Services by Fawkes Digital Marketing

As a full-service marketing agency, we offer the following digital marketing services. Fawkes Digital Marketing believes in upfront pricing and not charging one company a price and another a different price. We believe in being fair and honest. Each of these items can be purchased based on your unique business needs.


Secure Web Hosting

One WordPress website, Daily Backups, 5 Email addresses (optional), Security Updates, Content Delivery Network (CDN), 24x7 Monitoring, and Virus/Malware Protection.

$59.99 / month
$480.00 / year


WordPress Website

Build out your entire brochure or eCommerce website. We use the content/images that you provide and create a beautiful design. Lead tracking and visitor information is setup with initial search engine push to get your business out there. Over $500 in paid WordPress plugins included with your build and continue hosting with us.

The first year of hosting is included.

Starting @ $1,195 + hosting


WordPress Migration

We will migrate and put your website on our WordPress Website Hosting. If you have unpaid plugins and we can upgrade them under our license we will do that while you continue hosting with us to give your visitors a better experience.

$397 / one-time + hosting


Reputation Management

We take the name/email/SMS lists that you provide and reach out to get reviews for your business. This includes sending out, monitoring, and replying to reviews using a human and not a computer or Artificial Intelligence (AI). We believe in the "human touch" to showcase your local business.

$135 / month


Social Media Software

We give you access to our social media software for posting, scheduling, and communicating with your customers via Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook Messenger.

$99 / month


Social Media Management

We use our social media software and do all the work for you; with your guidance on your business objective. You will have full access to our social media software.

Included in the first social media is your Google Business Profile (GBP) (formerly Google My Business or GMB) plus your first social platform (e.g., Facebook).

$175 for the first social media / month
$150 for each additional social


Logo & Branding

We take your idea you provide to us on what you're looking for and design a logo that meets that design.

Logo Design (up to 3 versions), Business Card Designs, Stationary, Font/Color Guide, JPG, PNG, SVG, and all Adobe Illustrator work (Each).

$450 / each logo & branding design


Search Engine Optimization

Starts at 10 mile radius from your business location. Maintaining and your Google Business Profile (GBP), Bing Page, local citations, and Local SEO, and monthly reports. Our SEO services are for the USA only.

$225 / month


Small Business Starter

We know getting started for a new business is tough. This offer is for those who have no business website. We will give you everything from "WordPress Website" above ($1,295), Logo & Branding ($450), and 3 months of Search Engine Optimization ($775) to get yourbusiness found, 3 months of Brilliance CRM Business Essentials ($591) and 500 business cards to get you started out right.

The first year of hosting is included.

$1,795 / one-time + Hosting