The goal of Brilliance CRM is not to automate everything but to give you a solution that eliminates the human factor. We want the human factor. AI is truly a fantastic technology, and we feel it should be used to assist, not replace, our jobs.

Task Information

Tasks within Brilliance CRM is one of the most powerful features. It directly integrates with Accounts, Portal Users, and Projects/Jobs. Here's a breakdown of tasks and activities in a CRM:

  1. Tasks: Tasks are specific actions or to-do items that need to be completed by CRM users. They are typically associated with a particular customer, contact, or opportunity. Tasks can include activities such as making a phone call, sending an email, scheduling a meeting, conducting a product demonstration, following up with a prospect, or any other actionable item related to customer engagement or sales processes. Users can set due dates, assign tasks to themselves or others, and track their progress within the CRM system. Tasks help users stay organized and ensure that important actions are completed in a timely manner.
  2. Activities: Activities encompass a broader range of actions and interactions that occur within the CRM system. They include various forms of engagement or communication with customers, such as phone calls, emails, meetings, notes, support tickets, social media interactions, and more. Activities can be logged and tracked in the CRM to maintain a comprehensive record of customer interactions and touchpoints. By capturing activities, CRM users can have a historical timeline of customer engagements and gain insights into customer preferences, needs, and communication history.

Activities often serve as a source of information for tracking and managing customer relationships, identifying opportunities, and providing a holistic view of customer interactions across the organization.

In summary, tasks are specific action items or to-do items associated with managing customer relationships and sales processes. Activities, on the other hand, encompass a broader range of customer interactions and communication that are logged and tracked within the CRM system. Both tasks and activities contribute to effective customer management, improved sales processes, and better collaboration within the CRM environment.


Assign To Multiple Modules

Tasks can be assigned to Accounts, Leads, Projects, and Users.


Quick Tasks

Quickly create tasks when you're on the dashboard, accounts, leads, or users to speed data entry and tracking for your business.


Automatic Task Creation

Tasks can be automatically created from received emails (e.g., , notification to the assigned individual(s) and to the person sending in the task request. If the domain or email received from is known the task is automatically assigned to the Account, Lead, or User.


Complete History Tracking

You have the ability to track internal and external comments. Internal are not shown to your customers and used internally for additional information.


Time Clock Integration

Tied to the time clock so that you can track billable hours to the minute. This allows you to determine what is costing your company money, where you're making killer profits, and make decisions for business growth.


Assigned To / Notifications

Assign a task to an unlimited number of internal employees to complete the work. Set notifications (customers or internal employees) related to the work being done.


Billable Tasks

Track whether a task is billable to the account or user and mark the item as billed so that you know what has been billed.