No Code CRM Solution

Brilliance CRM is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers a comprehensive range of features in a 'no code' environment. With Brilliance CRM, you can leverage all necessary functionality without coding. And if you require any customizations or additional features that are not included, we provide them at no extra cost.

Security Information

An area that many ignore until a security breach happens we feel is the wrong answer. This is why Brilliance CRM has one of the most robust security mechanisms of any CRM.


Data Integrity

All customer information is always secured during transit and at rest.


Continual Defense

Brilliance CRM minimizes any security risks through continuous penetration, vulnerability, and risk assessments.

Logged In User Session Information

Create a custom password complexity for the members and adhere your security standards.Imagine being able to see every user that is logged in, being able to log them off, easily update their information, block the user of an account that has been compromised, see if they are using two factor authentication (TFA), where they last were, and get detailed insights if they are actually using the system from where they are authorized to be using it.

You are able to set the rules placed on users to best secure your accounts based on your business needs.


Show all users that are currently logged into the system.

General Information

See all the basic information related to the account.


Note: the two buttons at the top.

  1. You can update basic information for the user (e.g., you're handling a customer support request).
  2. You can log the user out and block the user from using the system (e.g., you've found an unauthorized user on the system).

Location Information

See detailed information about the user's location. The information will be as accurate as the internet provider sends to the system.


See all of the activity the user has been doing during this login and past login sessions.

Centralized Logging

Having a centralized place to see all of the logs within the system is critical. All too often you have to go through multiple logs to find what you need. With Brilliance CRM all of the information is within a single and easy to search source of truth.


All of the logs that are in the system. Logs will automatically be removed after the defined number of days. The minimum number of days is a month.

General Information

What the log entry is, what was happening, and any associated module that the log entry pertains to. If there is not a module entry than the information applies to the entire system.

Location Information

Look at the location information for every log entry within the system.


When information is received in XML format (what developers love!) you will find that information stored here.

Controllable Logging

Many industries require logging of where users go and what activities they were doing within the system. You can control the level of logging, whether tracking is kept, or not. Brilliance CRM allows for complete tracking of what your business needs to comply with governmental, industrial, or your own defined business regulations.

Two Factor Authorization (2FA or TFA)

In today's landscape protecting your account is key. This is why we provide, for no charge, Google Authenticator, Text (SMS), and email verification for any accounts you desire. This can be done for the entire organizaiton, administrators, or those that choose to enable.

Each user can use one or a combination of the two factor authentication methods based on what rules the company has setup.

Granular System Access

Users and Customers using the system will only see what they have been granted to see. If a module isn't available to them it will not appear for any accidental clicks. This is all defined by user definable roles. Users can be part of multiple roles as well.

As the user navigates the system security is constantly checked and logged, if enabled.


All of the configured and available user security groups that are available.

General Information

The user security group name, description, and whether it is active or not.


All of the modules that are in this security group and the settings that are currently set for each individual module.


Within the security group you can have unique access for Viewing, Editing, Deleting, Settings, Reports, and Exporting of information.


See all of the users that are assigned to the security level. You can quickly access a user record and remove their access to the security group.

Additional Security Measuges

Penetration Tests
Security audits through a third-party specialist for cloud infrastructure best practices.

Custom Security Headers
You have complete control over all headers sent to your users. This defensive mechanism allows you to combat vulnerabilities and keep your users safe.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance
Brilliance CRM complies with all of the latest GDPR and CCPA compliant policies and guidelines.

Network Security
Brilliance CRM is protected via network access control lists (ACLs) that prevent unauthorized requests. All information is fully protected with 256-bit encryption for data at rest and in-transit.

Application security
Our development process prioritizes critical updates and vulnerability remediations, as well as make them available for immediate deployment. Brilliance CRM is continually monitored with automated security scans to keep your data safe.