The goal of Brilliance CRM is not to automate everything but to give you a solution that eliminates the human factor. We want the human factor. AI is truly a fantastic technology, and we feel it should be used to assist, not replace, our jobs.

Security Information

An area that many ignore until a security breach happens we feel is the wrong answer. This is why Brilliance CRM has one of the most robust security mechanisms of any CRM.


Daily Backups

We perform daily backups of all of your data. The data is stored fully encrypted with AES-256 data encryption. The information is stored at a site separate from the main servers for additional security.


SSL/TLS Certificate

Every site is protected with a SSL/TLS certificate that rates an A for security.

Note: We do allow pro plan clients to get a certificate of their choosing, at their cost. This is optional and the default SSL/TLS certificate is secure. We just know that some industries have rules and regulations they must adhere too.


Full Data Encryption

Whether your data is at rest of being transmitted between the servers or clients the data is fully encrypted.


Firewall (Local & Global)

We protect your data through a proactive firewall that is controlled locally and through global rules.


Country Blocks

The system can block based on the country so that you only have those that are in the areas you want accessing your site.


Dark Web Integration

Every email address within the system checks the dark web for their presence. If an email address is found on the dark web the user is alerted and provided with every site that is known to possess their information so that they can correct and secure their account.


IP Address Blocks

Beyond a country block it's always good to be able to block a user IP address. These blocks can be done manually where you put them in and they stay there until removed. An IP address can be automatically added based on their being detected doing malicious intent and will automatically be removed based on the rules that are set.


Word Blocks (Email/Forms)

You can stop forms and emails leaving the system from being sent if they contain certain words. 


Intrusion Detection AI

Every click within the system is captured and checked against within the system. These checks are analyzed by our AI (Artificial Intelligence) system and once it has enough evidence it will block the user using an auto IP address block. All of the knowledge is saved and stored to further learn from in the system logs.


Security Headers

You have complete control over all headers sent to your users. This defensive mechanism allows you to combat vulnerabilities and keep your users safe.


User Level Security

Users and Customers using the system will only see what they have been granted to see. If a module isn't available to them it will not appear for any accidental clicks. This is all defined by user definable roles. Users can be part of multiple roles as well.

As the user navigates the system security is constantly checked and logged, if enabled.


Password Strength Enforcement

You can set the length and complexity of the passwords users are able to use in the system. You can set when passwords auto-expire and require a user to change their password.


Two Factor Authorization
(TFA or 2FA)

In today's landscape protecting your account is key. This is why we provide, for no charge, Google Authenticator, Text (SMS), and email verification for any accounts you desire. This can be done for the entire organizaiton, administrators, or those that choose to enable.

Each user can use one or a combination of the two factor authentication methods based on what rules the company has setup.



Log and see all activities related to the information that you are looking at in real-time.

Additional Security Measuges

Penetration Tests
Security audits through a third-party specialist for cloud infrastructure best practices.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance
Brilliance CRM complies with all of the latest GDPR and CCPA compliant policies and guidelines.

Network Security
Brilliance CRM is protected via network access control lists (ACLs) that prevent unauthorized requests. All information is fully protected with 256-bit encryption for data at rest and in-transit.

Application security
Our development process prioritizes critical updates and vulnerability remediations, as well as make them available for immediate deployment. Brilliance CRM is continually monitored with automated security scans to keep your data safe.

Page Integrity
Ability to check for any page within the site for integrity. If integrity is shown to not be where it is expected you can either turn off that module and/or be alerted that the page has been tampered with from it's original state.