Projects & Jobs

No Code CRM Solution

Brilliance CRM is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers a comprehensive range of features in a 'no code' environment. With Brilliance CRM, you can leverage all necessary functionality without coding. And if you require any customizations or additional features that are not included, we provide them at no extra cost.

Project & Job Information

Within Brilliance CRM our project management / job module offers the ability to track your projects and individualized tasks to complete the project at the highest level of accuracy and customer satisfaction. Brilliance CRM provides you with all the core items you need to be successful. It provides the tools and functionalities to plan, organize, and collaborate on projects for both employees and outside vendors, streamlining project workflows and enhancing team productivity.

Here are some features and capabilities found in Brilliance CRM:

  1. Project Planning: Users can create and define projects, assign tasks and deadlines, and establish project milestones.
  2. Task Management: The module enables users to create and manage individual tasks within a project, assign tasks to team members, track progress, and set task priorities.
  3. Collaboration and Communication: Facilitate communication and collaboration among team members by allowing both internal and externally visible notes on each task, file sharing, and real-time updates. Team members can discuss project details, share documents, and receive notifications about project updates.
  4. Task Time Tracking: Users can track the time spent on project tasks and activities, helping to monitor progress, evaluate efficiency, and estimate project completion.
  5. Employee Time Tracking: Projects can be assigned on employee time punches
  6. Integration with CRM Data: The project management module is fully integrated with the time clock, accounts, users, and tasks module for reducing data entry and sharing information with others.


All of the jobs that are being worked on.

General Information

The general information and dates related to the project/job.


A description of what the project/job is.

Accounting Information

The overall budget and any accounting related information.


The address and related information for the project.


The tasks allow you to assign individual stages. These can be generic and done whenever, or you can assign them to specific individuals.


Any user in the system assigned a task will receive daily notification emails of the tasks assigned to them if enabled.


If assigned to individuals and you're using the time clock, they will receive a list of their tasks when they punch in.


Track all of the documents related to your project/job. These can be blueprints, insurance paperwork, and other documents for your compliance with the project.