Overall Features


The goal of Brilliance CRM is not to automate everything but to give you a solution that eliminates the human factor. We want the human factor. AI is truly a fantastic technology, and we feel it should be used to assist, not replace, our jobs.

Overall Features

Brilliance CRM is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers a comprehensive range of features in a 'no code' environment. With Brilliance CRM, you can leverage all necessary functionality without coding. And if you require any customizations or additional features that are not included, we provide them at no extra cost.


Veteran Owned & Operated

Brilliance CRM is owned and operated by two former soldiers of the United States. John is Army and Jordan is Marines.


Consistent Interface

Efficiencies happen when you have a consistent interface across the entire interface. Once you know one module, you know them all.


Easy To Use

We believe that you should not spend all your time looking at and spending your time behind the screen. We believe businesses strive and grow in the real-world. This is why when we make changes the goal always is to get you away from the screen and with your customers.



More security features than any other CRM to protect your company. We believe that you should have every tool available to protect your business.


White Label

You can remove all branding that the system is "Brilliance CRM." This gives you the ability to have a solution that you can tell your customers that this is your software.



You have the control to modify forms, invoices, quotes, colors, icons, and more. We want you to make the software your own.


Mobile,  Tablet, & Desktop

No matter the device you use Brillinace CRM is available to you. We believe in a mobile first methodology and giving you access to everything through a standardized interface across all devices.


Dark Web Integration

Adding to our security every time you login we check the dark web to see if your email address(es) exist on the dark web from other companies having been compromised. We let you know what busineses have been compromised, the links to those websites, and what was compromised.


Separate Database

On our Pro plan we give you your own database. This database gives you increased security as it's yours. Only your information is stored. This is different from most CRM vendors as they will create one database for every customer as it makes their life easier.


PCI DSS Compliant

Keep your business in compliance and save money processing credit cards.


HIPPA Compliance

Brilliance CRM ensures HIPAA-compliance through robust security measures to safeguard protected health information (PHI). Strict controls for access to PHI, ensuring that only authorized personnel have the right to view or modify sensitive health data. The system incorporates encryption protocols to protect the confidentiality and integrity of electronic PHI (ePHI), meeting the standards set by the HIPAA Security Rule.


GDPR Compliance

Brilliance CRM takes measures to adhere to GDPR compliance to protecting individuals' data privacy rights. Brilliance CRM follows the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by incorporating robust data protection measures. Data encryption, access controls, and regular privacy impact assessments are integral to our GDPR compliance strategy.


No Code

You have complete control over everything. We've taken the time and effort to give you as much of a checkbox environment as possible for turning features on and off. When you need more features and capabilities we include all development so that you don't have to learn any code. Of course, as part of giving you control, you can still modify many aspects of the system yourself.


It's Your Data!

If your security is set to allow exporting of information you can export it. We don't hold your data hostage. We feel it's yours and you should not be restricted by your software company.