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No Code CRM Solution

Brilliance CRM is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers a comprehensive range of features in a 'no code' environment. With Brilliance CRM, you can leverage all necessary functionality without coding. And if you require any customizations or additional features that are not included, we provide them at no extra cost.

Document & Download Information

Brilliance CRM offers document management within almost every module. Documents can be for internal use or shared externally with defined start/end dates.

  1. Documents: In Brilliance CRM, documents refer to various files or resources relevant to customer relationships, sales processes, or other business activities. These files can include product brochures, sales presentations, contracts, proposals, marketing collateral, support documentation, and any other useful files for managing customer interactions. CRM users can upload, store, and associate documents with specific customers, opportunities, or other relevant records. The CRM system may provide features for organizing documents into folders, categorizing them with tags or metadata, and allowing users to access and share them within the CRM environment.
  2. Downloads: Downloads in Brilliance CRM refer to the ability for CRM users or customers to retrieve or access files or resources stored within the CRM system. For example, within the customer portal, customers can log in and download documents or files related to their accounts, such as invoices, product guides, or service manuals. CRM users may also have the ability to download files or resources shared by colleagues or partners within the CRM platform. Downloads help facilitate the exchange of information and resources between CRM users and customers or other stakeholders.

Managing documents and downloads within Brilliance CRM allows for centralized storage, easy access, and efficient sharing of important files and resources. This functionality promotes collaboration, enables quick retrieval of relevant information, and enhances customer relationship management, sales processes, and customer support effectiveness.


Shows all the documents in the system. By default, the module documents (e.g., Accounts, Users, Projects, Tasks, etc.) are not shown, but you can change that easily (per user) by choosing the filter option of "Include Module Documents."

General Information

The description, document date which may or may not be the date the file was uploaded, the category for the document, and any specific tags for the document.


Provide an informative description of what the document is about.


Set the availability (start/end) dates, who the document is regarding (no one, accounts, projects, tasks, users, etc.), and the download link (if the file is available for external download).