The goal of Brilliance CRM is not to automate everything but to give you a solution that eliminates the human factor. We want the human factor. AI is truly a fantastic technology, and we feel it should be used to assist, not replace, our jobs.

Communications Information

Brilliance CRM offers SMS, MMS, email, and newsletter functionality. The "communication" feature enables CRM users to engage with customers and contacts through various communication channels. Here's an overview of how these functionalities work within a CRM:

  1. SMS (Short Message Service): The CRM system allows users to send text messages directly to customers' mobile phones using SMS functionality. Users can compose SMS messages within the CRM platform, select the recipients, and send the messages individually or in bulk. SMS communication can be used for quick updates, reminders, notifications, or personalized messages, depending on the business requirements and customer preferences.
  2. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service): MMS functionality in the CRM system enables users to send multimedia messages that include text, images, videos, or other media content. MMS messages provide a more interactive and visually appealing communication method compared to SMS. Users can compose MMS messages within the CRM, attach multimedia files, and send them to customers or contacts who have opted to receive MMS messages.
  3. Email: The CRM system incorporates email functionality, allowing users to send emails directly from within the CRM platform. Users can compose emails using rich text formatting, include attachments, and personalize the content based on customer information stored in the CRM. The CRM system may offer email templates, tracking features (such as open and click-through rates), and integration with email marketing tools for more advanced email campaigns.
  4. Newsletter: The CRM system may include newsletter functionality, enabling users to create and send newsletters to a selected group of customers or contacts. Newsletter functionality typically involves creating visually appealing templates, designing the newsletter content, and scheduling the distribution. Users can segment their customer database based on specific criteria, such as interests, preferences, or purchase history, to target the right audience for the newsletters.

By offering SMS, MMS, email, and newsletter functionality, a CRM system allows businesses to leverage multiple communication channels to engage with customers effectively. These features enable personalized and timely communication, facilitate marketing campaigns, provide important updates, and enhance overall customer relationship management efforts.


Send Messages

Schedule and send email, text (SMS), and text with pictures (MMS) to all of your subscribers, groups, or users within your system. Utilize a shared image between email and MMS to streamline and make the creation of your message in a quick and efficient manner. Attach UTM codes for tracking your marketing efforts.



Have an unlimited number of groups of all your subscribers that you wish to send to for specific messages.



Define custom templates for email, text (SMS), and text with pictures (MMS) messages.



Store an unlimited number of subscribers that receive either email, text (SMS), and text with pictures (MMS) messages. Users can be in one, or more, of these segments.



Easy unsubscribe option for your users.



Create custom forms that put your subscribers in one or more of the available groups you have setup.