Merchant Service Provider / ISO CRM

No Code CRM Solution

Brilliance CRM is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers a comprehensive range of features in a 'no code' environment. With Brilliance CRM, you can leverage all necessary functionality without coding. And if you require any customizations or additional features that are not included, we provide them at no extra cost.

Merchant Service Provider / ISO CRM Information

One key area within Brilliance CRM is for our Merchant Service Providers (MSP) and Independent Software Organizations (ISO) to onboard their merchants efficiently. We help you spend less time on busy work, repetitive tasks, and help you improve your customer service to your merchants. Our solution has been crafted to help and grow with you. With the Brilliance CRM Credit Card Processor, they are able to:

  • Electronically onboard their merchants
  • Update their merchant information
  • Notification and Alerts via text, email, or both based on settings to your merchants
    • Notification of chargebacks
    • System alert notifications of maintenance, the credit card processing system being down, etc.
  • Ability to set up an unlimited number of merchant accounts per customer.
  • Dashboard for all of your customers

Merchants Currently Supported

  • CardConnect
  • Paynation
  • Priority Payments

Note: For any merchant that signs, we will add the appropriate API for you at no charge if it doesn't exist. We will incorporate as many features your provider API allows.


All of your merchant accounts and the accounts that they are associated with.

General Information

The merchant account information.


All important dates in the creation of the merchant account.

Business Information

All of the information regarding the business.

Owner Information

Who is the owner of the business and what is their contact information.

Contact Information

Who is the primary contact for this merchant account.

Banking Information

Where should all money be sent when transactions are received for the client.

Processing Information

Specific information related to processing.


What services are you needing for this specific merchant account (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, etc.).

3rd Party

If any third-party provider is involved provide their information.


Any specific notes on the client that need to be stored.


Store all of your supporting documents for adding this merchant. If the processor needs files, they will be automatically sent to them based on what you've provided to speed the process.